Dishwasher Repair

When it comes to modern-age inventions, the dishwasher has to rank amongst the most useful of them all. Just scrape the food off your plate, load it in, and your dishes are done in short order. These machines are real timesavers in the home.

That is, as long as they’re working as they should. There are a few things that can go wrong with these handy machines.


Signs that it’s Time to Call Us In

The Dishes Stay Dirty

If you are scraping off the food before placing the dishes in, and you’re sure that you’re not overloading the machine, then it might be a malfunction.


It’s Not Starting

Carefully listen when trying to switch it on. If it’s humming, something is causing the motor to stick. If it’s not making any sound at all, unplug it and wait for us to come and diagnose the issue.


It’s Not Filling

If you were able to open the door during a wash cycle, you’d have hot water spilled all over you. There are safeguards in place to prevent you from doing this. The point is that the machine won’t fill until the door is closed correctly. But if it’s still not filling even with the door closed, there’s something wrong.

It Keeps Filling

There are so many things that this could be a sign of. It could be a faulty float switch or a timer that’s stuck. It could also be the inlet valve is malfunctioning.


The Water isn’t Draining Out

This situation is usually indicative of the drain or filter being clogged. Try cleaning those out first and consider getting the filter replaced. If that doesn’t work, we’re going to need to take a look.

It’s Leaking Water

Whether to be concerned or not depends on how often the leaks happen. If you’ve overloaded the appliance, it could leak, but that should be a one-time-only problem. If it’s happening on a more regular basis, though, it’s an indication of an issue that we’ll need to check out.

The Door Won’t Latch

These mechanisms can be tricky. The machine will not run if the door hasn’t been closed properly, and if something has become misaligned, this problem could be the result. It’s also possible for the latch to wear out over time.

Let us see what we can do to repair this issue.


It’s Noisy When Running

Knocking or grinding noises during cycles are never a good thing. In fact, any noise that’s worse than usual is bad news for your machine. In this case, it’s best to stop using it until we’ve had a chance to look it over. There are a lot of potential issues that could be causing the ruckus.


Call the Top Dishwasher Repair Company in Elk Grove

When it comes to repairing electrical appliances, particularly those that also involve the use of water, you want a pro to assist. Unless you have extensive experience when it comes to electrical appliances, these are not repairs you want to try yourself.

For starters, if you reconnect something incorrectly, you risk turning a minor problem into a major one. Secondly, you could risk starting a fire if the connections are not correct. Finally, when you consider the high prices that retailers charge for parts, you’re not saving much, anyway.

Speak to us today about the repairs you need. We’ll make sure that you get the best service and the best deal.