Brands We Repair

When one of your major appliances is on the fritz, it can really disrupt your life. After all, if your toaster blows, it’s no big deal – you can find something else for breakfast. Your washing machine breaking down, on the other hand, is a lot more inconvenient.

If you live in Elk Grove, you’re in luck, though. Mark’s Appliance Repair is standing by to assist you when any of your major appliances break down.


Which Appliance Brands We Repair

What makes us unique is the wealth of experience that our techs have. There’s not a brand on the market that they can’t wrangle into working order. So, no matter what make or model you have, we can assist you.

We’re also certified in repairing the following:

  • Samsung
  • GE
  • LG
  • Maytag
  • Bosch
  • Kenmore
  • Viking
  • Frigidaire


Repairs That We Can Do

Maybe it’s something simple, like the seals on your fridge needing to be replaced. Perhaps it’s a complete motor overhaul. Whatever the issue is, let us take a look. Give us a call if any of your major appliances are:

  • Leaking water or coolant
  • Not running
  • Running, but at a reduced capacity
  • Making strange noises
  • Or any other indication of malfunction!


Why not bookmark this page or save our phone number? That way you’ll always have it handy if you need it.


Why You Shouldn’t DIY These Repairs

Thanks to YouTube and a ton of DIY sites, you can learn a lot of new skills. When it comes to things like making a workbench or table, these sites are invaluable.

So, why not just find a video on how to fix your fridge or stove? Because these are not things that amateurs should be attempting on their own. These devices are complicated – it’s not enough to just replace the part that’s worn out. You also have to check for further damage.

If you don’t fix any related issues as well, all your hard work will be for nothing. More importantly, though, if you cross one wire incorrectly, you risk causing even more trouble when you turn your device back on.

It might blow the appliance’s whole electrical system and could even start a fire. So you see, it’s better not to DIY these kinds of repairs.

Give Us a Call

As the top repair company in the city, we’ve had more than enough experience in fixing appliances. We’ll make sure that the problem is fixed the first time. So, give us a call—it’s going to cost a lot less than you might think.

When you call in Mark’s, you can rest assured that:

  • We’ll get out there as soon as possible
  • We’ll fix your appliance the first time
  • You’ll get a great deal on both parts and labor
  • Our tech will thoroughly vet the whole system to check for other issues
  • We stand behind the quality of our work

When you want the best possible repairs at an affordable rate, call Mark’s Appliance Repair. We’ve earned our sterling reputation because we always put our clients first. You’ll always get the very best service from us—we guarantee it.

Each of our technicians is held to exacting standards when it comes to the work that they do. For our clients, second-best is not good enough, which is why we only work with the best technicians and suppliers.

So, what are you waiting for? Call now.